Jacksonville community shows support for breast cancer awareness

Claire Van Aken, Staff Writer

The Jacksonville area is just getting started in the month of October and showing plenty of support for breast cancer. There are many events that take place all through this month where entire schools dress in pink, host fundraisers, and sporting events that raise funds and awareness for the cause.

Breast Cancer Awareness is something heavily promoted in the schools of Jacksonville. You will often see football teams, basketball teams, dance teams, school spirit days, and student sections dress in pink or wear pink accessories with their uniforms.

Volley for a Cure is a game hosted by rival Jacksonville schools Jacksonville High School and Routt Catholic High School. Every year the game is hosted by the previous year’s winner. Not only do the players go for the win, but the fans go all out, too. There is always a crowded student section with cheers made up for both schools. Recently, the 2018 match took place at the Jacksonville Bowl. The Crimsons were victorious in their first and final match. And the Routt Rockets won the second match. This is a community event everyone takes to heart. All of the proceeds go to the Mia Ware Foundation.

The Mia Ware Foundation is an organization that provides networking for those who have been diagnosed with cancer or have lost a friend or loved one to this horrible disease.  The Mia Ware Foundation board is a volunteer group. They spend countless hours throughout the course of each year teaching and spreading information throughout Central Illinois on various types of cancer, not just breast cancer. Mia Ware lost her five-year battle with breast cancer on August 21, 2004. She is always remembered by her smile, courage, and sense of well-being. She was so determined and strong-willed to beat this disease. She cherished the word Hope the most throughout her battle with breast cancer. The Mia Ware Foundation for Cancer Research and Education aims to always meet the needs of those facing challenges with not just breast cancer but other difficult diseases.

Breast cancer is a horrible disease that many people in our community can relate to in one way or another. We spend one month in particular raising awareness for breast cancer, but Jacksonville takes any opportunity it can to raise awareness and funds to help find a cure for cancer.