Winter storm Riley

Samson, Staff Writer

Despite the recent warm temperatures in many areas of the United States, much of the Northeast is about to endure an early March winter storm.  Heavy rain and strong winds are likely to accompany the storm that’s expected to bring severe weather conditions across the Northeast. The extra rain and wind will only increase the intense circumstances predicted to be caused by the storm. The storm is forecast to begin as early as Thursday evening in some places before it fully impacts on Friday and even further into Saturday night.

Winter storm Riley, named by The Weather Channel, will contain large precipitation levels that make the threat of coastal flooding a significantly strong one. Coastal flood watches have already been issued by the national weather service from southern Maine to North Carolina’s Outer Banks. In Long Island, however, flooding may be an even larger issue as it could cause numerous road closures and might even flood homes and some parking lot areas. Residents in the areas that are presumed to be affected are anticipating some harsh conditions. Along with flooding, power lines are predicted to be damaged and driving conditions are expected to be hindered. These residents are advised to do their best ahead of time in terms of preparation. This preparation should include getting water, food, and any supplies necessary for a power outage.

The heaviest snow amounts are forecast to be in parts of Western and Central New York into far Northern Pennsylvania, particularly in areas with higher terrain, where 8 to 12 inches is likely. High elevations, such as the hills of Buffalo, could see well over a foot of snow. Lower Michigan, including Detroit, is also likely to see a fair amount of snowfall, 6 inches total is possible around Detroit. Regardless of the amount of snow in certain places, conditions are predicted to be collectively harmful in the Northeast, and precautionary measures should be taken by the citizens in this region.