Let the facial hair grow

Jacob Hall, Staff writer

November is the month where a man can really show his stuff. Facial hair is a man’s way of showing his “macho-ness.” A man’s facial hair is a symbol of his courage and bravery. November is the season to show your true skill in growing.

No-Shave November is said to be the “celebration” of growing facial hair for men. However, if you didn’t know, November actually has a deeper meaning. No-Shave November was actually celebrated to raise awareness of cancer research. No-Shave November was around before it was really nationally celebrated; a family used the “holiday” as a way to raise awareness for cancer research. The Hill family’s father, Matthew Hill, passed away from colon cancer in 2007 and the family commemorates the month of November to him and all the other cancer victims. The symbol of growing out facial hair is meant to show pride in the ability to grow hair, which many cancer victims that have gone through chemotherapy cannot.

Movember is a different but similar celebration. Movember is specifically growing moustaches to celebrate general health awareness for men. From prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men’s suicide, the observation of Movember shows the support of all the men that are suffering from different illnesses physically or mentally. Movember is more of a world-wide observance than strictly a United States one. In 2016 the Movember Foundation raised 16.3 million dollars in the United States alone and 74% of the proceeds went to men’s health organizations.

People all over the US celebrate No-Shave November and Movember showing off their hair growing abilities. Anyone who would like to support the cause can donate money at www.no-shave.org for the Matthew Hill foundation and us.movember.com.