Michael Burke: History enthusiast

Olivia Perry, Staff Writer

It is the 2018-2019 school year already! Maybe you’ve noticed a few unfamiliar faces in the hallways. Along with new students, there are also new staff members. One new face would be Mr. Burke. Attending Routt last year, his face stood out to me right away since he would often sub for my history classes there.

This is Mr. Burke’s first year as a teacher at Jacksonville High School. He previously student taught at Routt Catholic High School in Jacksonville. He has also subbed for two years at many other places in the surrounding areas such as Glenwood-Chatham, Auburn, New Berlin, and in Springfield District 186. He attended college at Illinois College in Jacksonville as well.

Mr. Burke’s favorite part of teaching is helping others grow and see the world in new ways. He believes that the youth is the future. He does not hold the misconception as a teacher that everyone who leaves his class is going to leave loving history. He only hopes his students are able to learn and practice the tools it takes to be a good historian. He believes also that qualities an excellent teacher should have include passion and energy.

Mr. Burke personally knew in seventh grade that he loved history and wanted to pass the knowledge on to youth. He particularly enjoyed as a student the topic of the Civil War. This is why today he loves to teach the time from Colonial America to the Civil War. He also takes enjoyment in being a Civil War and World War II reenactor in his freetime.

Classes that Mr. Burke is currently teaching would be AP U.S. History and Civics. He explains that he enjoys having his own classes because he can set his own rules and showcase his personality and interests. Compared to the small school of Routt, Mr. Burke loves how big the social studies department is at JHS. If you happen to pass by Mr. Burke, be sure to welcome him to our school. We are very lucky to have him.