JHS Special Education teacher receives recognition

Alice Webster, staff writer

Jacksonville High School special education teacher Bailey Brammeier has been teaching for twelve years, but this year brings her something special. She has been nominated for the LifeChanger of the Year Award, an award which annually honors educators who have made a difference in their students’ lives and their communities. The program presents several different awards at the schools of the teachers with  seventeen national awards and a grand prize winner announced in scenic Hawaii in April. Brammeier was nominated for the LifeChanger of the Year Award by former Jacksonville School District supervisor Mekelle Neathery. Colleagues, friends, students, and family can support Brammeier by promoting them on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram using hashtag #LCOY.

Regarding her nomination, Brammeier said, “I felt humbled; automatically I was like ‘Oh my gosh, I do not deserve this.’ I was really flattered. I probably cried because I am a crier.” When asked about what inspired her to go into special education, Brammeier said, “I had some friends that did special education. It was something I was very passionate about.”

She attributes most of her success to her students, saying, “I feel like they have so much to offer the world and so much potential, but they just need help to bring it to the surface.” When asked about what a typical day in her classroom looks like, Brammeier replied, “There is no such thing as a typical day in our classroom. We usually get ready for the day, we go through the schedule, and we make sure the kids know about any changes. Pretty much like anybody else’s day, I guess.” Brammeier stressed that she is very grateful to not only her nominator Mekelle Neathery but also to her students, friends, and family. Her students, she asserted, are an inspiration to her. Brammeier closed by saying, “They are really awesome. I don’t feel like I am the awesome one. I think they are the awesome ones.”