Chuck Cropp: New discipline officer at JHS

Kelly Lu, Staff Writer

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Meet our new discipline officer, Mr. Chuck Cropp. As a graduated alumni of JHS, Cropp is back here again to keep school rules and regulations in check. His new office is located around the corner from Officer Wright’s office in the 600 hallway.

Before he started working at JHS, Cropp went to Lincoln Land Community College in Springfield for 6-7 years. He is also currently taking an online class from the National University of Education and plans to finish this class for his bachelor’s degree.

Cropp aspired to work at JHS for the past three years after working at Garrison, a behavior school, and is finally here in a familiar environment. He says he already knows most of the students, which is one of his favorite things about being here!

“I try to be nice [about disciplining] before I have to be authoritative,” he says in regards to controlling behavior. “You just have to know your kid.”

With his skills in commanding and directing kids, he hopes to also be a future coach of the boys’ or girls’ basketball team.

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