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Classic Halloween movies

Abby Scribner, Staff writer

October 31, 2016

Filed under A & E, Movies

Halloween is a time for dressing up, spooky adventures, and of course getting cozy and watching Halloween movies! There are so many great Halloween movies to watch this fall season. The two best classic Halloween movies are Hocus Poc...

The Walking Dead murders our hearts

Madison Reynolds, Staff Writer

October 28, 2016

Filed under A & E, Movies

On Sunday, October 23, The Walking Dead released the season 7 opening episode.  This episode was much anticipated because viewers were left with a cliff hanger on the final episode of season 6. The final episode of season 6 consis...

The Shallows: A splashing thriller

Abby Scribner, Staff writer

October 21, 2016

Filed under A & E, Movies

The Shallows hit the theaters this summer on June 24. It is a thrilling movie about a hostile shark with Blake Lively trying to survive on a rock, while the shark stalked the waters around her. In my opinion shark movies aren’t...

The Roanoke Colony Nightmare

Austin Hale, Staff Writer

October 20, 2016

Filed under A & E

The new season of AHS (American Horror Story) is called "My Roanoke Nightmare" and takes place on Roanoke Island in NC. Although it’s not much of an island anymore, in the story it is an island. The story takes place in a hou...

Hamilton steals the show

Molly Jackson, staff writer

September 27, 2016

Filed under A & E

This summer’s 70th annual Tony awards at the Beacon Theatre brought a multitude of showstopping dance numbers and moving songs. James Corden, the host, began the show with highlights from past musicals we all know and love. ...

Best movie of the summer: Suicide Squad

Abby Scribner, Staff writer

September 23, 2016

Filed under A & E, Movies

Suicide Squad is an action movie filled with darkness and a mix a comedy. Suicide Squad came into theaters on August 5. The movie was well directed by David Ayer. Suicide Squad kept viewers on their toes with the action and f...

Video games and human behavior

Jonavon Clark, Staff Writer

September 22, 2016

Filed under A & E

Video games affect about 59% of the population. Out of the 59%, about 29% percent are people under the age of 18. People say that video games can produce violent thoughts in children and adolescents. In 2010, an experiment...

A treasured but neglected movie

Sky Moberly, Staff Writer

September 20, 2016

Filed under A & E, Movies

A man suffering an incredible amount of loss enrolls himself in a care-giving class that changes his perspective on life. The Fundamentals of Caring will take viewers on an emotional ride.  It’s a mix of a large amount o...

The death of Prince

Devon Huff, Staff Writer

May 23, 2016

Filed under A & E, Music

Prince Rogers Nelson, the Artist Formerly Known as Prince, has recently died on April 21, 2016 at the age of 57 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His death was a tragedy for family members and the fans that grew up listening to him....

The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist

Kayla Flowers, Staff Writer

May 23, 2016

Filed under A & E, Movies

From the true files of Ed and Lorraine Warren comes the most documented case in paranormal history that covers the story of a family in The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist.  After dealing with the malicious spirits in the p...

The Elder Scrolls Online

Christopher Sutsser, Staff Writer

May 23, 2016

Filed under A & E

When the The Elder Scrolls Online first came out, it wasn't anything that the fans of the series wanted. It was half of what the game was before and had half of the mechanics, and on top of all that, the game had a subscription service ...

The Huntsman: Winter’s War

Mikaela Moorman, Staff Writer

May 23, 2016

Filed under A & E, Movies

Expanding on the well known Snow White story, The Huntsman: Winter’s War reveals how the Queen and the Huntsman that was sent after Snow White in the first film The Huntsman. A Magic Mirror, power, and history between them has ...

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