“You think you got problems?”

Maycee Hurt, Staff Writer

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A new Netflix Original has just hit everyone’s TV! Tall Girl is showing teens across the country that being different is perfectly okay. I would definitely recommend this movie to girls of all ages. The audience could be small children or even adults. Tall Girl is very family friendly and can be watched with anyone and will be enjoyed. I personally thought that the movie was very cute and had a great message. 

The movie shows a sixteen-year-old girl, Jodi, who is six-foot-one as she goes through her everyday challenges. She struggles daily at school with bullying and “jokes” that hurt her feelings. All of a sudden, a new foreign exchange student from Sweden, Stig, shows up and she’s taken aback by how much she likes him. From there, Jodi gets help from her beauty pageant winning sister to give her a makeover. 

Throughout the movie, so much happens. There’s a pageant, a dance, a party that doesn’t turn out too well, and during these things, Jodi learns her worth. She finally realizes that she doesn’t have to hide from who she is, but embrace it. She gets help from her best friend and realizes who her true friends really are. 

This movie is definitely a cliche teenage girl movie. It was a little predictable and turned out exactly how I expected. Besides that, the movie was extremely sweet and could be shown to girls everywhere to teach them their worth. Even though Jodi struggled a lot in the beginning with her height and would make cruel jokes about herself and was not very happy most of the time, she learned that no matter what anyone else thinks, she is beautiful in her own way, whether she is four-foot-five or six-foot-one. Girls around the globe can be taught that no matter what they look like, they have worth and a purpose in the world.