If I Stay stays #1

Hannah Preston, Staff Writer

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In August 2014 came the film-version of the best-selling book If I Stay.  In this fantastic take on a love story gone wrong, writer Gayle Forman and director Sam Miller explore the idea of the risks you will take once you fall in love, the misunderstandings and heartbreaks of young love, and, overall, is love really worth the effort?

Mia is a passionate, opinionated girl.  Her relationship with the cello means more than anything to her, or so she thinks.  Then comes Adam, a punk-rock singer who strives to put his band at the top.  They begin a whirlwind relationship that sweeps Mia off her feet and puts her completely out of her comfort zone, testing her in ways she never thought possible.  After what was supposed to be a fun family drive, everything that Mia knows is suddenly ripped away in an instant.  She now has the decision to let go or to stay with Adam, the rocker boy that has captured her heart.  The question is, what will she choose?

Coming from a very relatable source, Mia is going through all the same struggles and stressors that an average high school girl is met with every day:  boys, getting along with her family, knowing who her true friends are, fitting in, getting into and going to college, and the future.  This makes for a completely entertaining movie that keeps you guessing what comes next.  The witty dialogue and unique characters are enough to keep anyone interested.  Music as the defining point really helps integrate the passion that Mia and Adam have for each other with the passion that they both have for their music.  An attractive love interest is also a plus.

If I Stay will twist your heart in all the right places and will leave you feeling thankful for everything you have yet also strangely warm and fuzzy on the inside.  If you’re in for a tearjerker, this is a good one.

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