Virtual Prom to replace the real thing

Amahni Fletcher, staff writer

With the global COVID-19 epidemic going on, this has sadly cancelled many school events and activities such as prom. With virtually no hope of restoring prom anytime in the near future, the class of 2020 students are going to miss out on a memory that could stick with them for the years to come. But John Krasinski seems to have a solution up his sleeve.

John Krasinski, the actor who played Jim in the hit show The Office, decided to take matters into his own hands and announce that he was going to host a virtual prom on Friday, April 17, starting approximately at 7pm CST. Some friends of his will also make special appearances to help DJ the prom for all of those missing out on prom.

Krasinski cares about his fans a lot and does many things to give back to the public. This seems to be no exception either. “I can’t take it anymore how much you are all missing your prom,” Krasinski posted. “So let’s do something about it!” He’s hosting it on his YouTube channel “Some Good News” so millions of students across the country can experience this event during these troubling times. Although the coronavirus took the U.S. and the world by storm, Krasinski still finds a way to help the public and  youth in whatever ways he can.

Although the students in the class of 2020 may not be able to experience their senior prom in person, it can still be shared with plenty of others though this event with the help of John Krasinski. Many students are saddened that they may never experience their senior prom in person, but this event can help them experience it in a different way. Even if it’s shared electronically through a computer screen, it’s still amazing that these students will be able to experience anything at all during this time.