Disney+ premieres spinoff

Claire Van Aken, staff writer

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Claire Van Aken


Well-known Disney movie series High School Musical has turned itself into a mini-series on the new streaming platform, Disney+. With over 10 million subscribers in the first month, Disney+ offers almost every Disney-made TV show, movie, or documentary. Including clips from National Geographic and Disney shorts, Disney+ offers something for all ages. 

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series is an American mockumentary web television series created for Disney+ by Tim Federle, based on the High School Musical film series. The series is produced by Chorus Boy and Salty Pictures in association with Disney Channel, with Oliver Goldstick serving as showrunner for the first few episodes. Goldstick was succeeded by Federle as showrunner for the remainder of the first season.

Set at a fictionalized version of East High School, the school at which the original movie was filmed, the series follows a group of teenage theater enthusiasts who participate in a staging of High School Musical: The Musical as their school production. The series stars Olivia Rodrigo, Joshua Bassett, Matt Cornett, Sofia Wylie, Larry Saperstein, Julia Lester, Dara Reneé, Frankie Rodriguez, Mark St. Cyr and Kate Reinders.

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series premiered on Disney Channel, ABC and Freeform as a preview simulcast on November 8, 2019, ahead of its launch on Disney+ on November 12. The first season will consist of 10 episodes. In October 2019, before the series debuted, Disney+ renewed the series for a second season. The series has received a positive response with critical reviews highlighting the performances of the cast.

Like the original movie series, romance and teen relationships are a strong focus in the plot. Each episode reflects the life of high school teens while incorporating similar plot elements to the story. This show is perfect for teens as well as anyone who has seen the movie before!