The Great British Baking Show ends sweet season

Alice Webster, Student editor

The Great British Baking Show, or as it’s called in England The Great British Bake Off, has captivated Brits and Americans alike with its light humor and warmth for years. Recently, its tenth series, or season in America, came to a satisfying close.

This season, Netflix uploaded episodes directly after they aired on Channel 4 in Britain. However, the way Netflix lists the seasons is different from their actual order. The third series is listed separately from the rest of the series asThe Great British Baking Show: The Beginnings, while series one and two are not on Netflix at all. Therefore, instead of being dubbed season ten by Netflix, the most recent addition to the show is listed as collection seven and some earlier seasons are out of order. Luckily, since the show is a reality show with a different cast each season, it doesn’t matter which order the seasons are viewed in.

Whether it’s called collection seven or series ten, the most recent installment has been thoroughly enjoyed by viewers worldwide. This series started with thirteen bakers instead of the usual twelve, resulting in two people being eliminated in one week instead of the customary one. Many of the contestants were well loved by the public, such as tie lover Henry and the relatably anxious Michael, neither of whom made it to the final. Another fan-favorite and finalist Steph nearly tied with previous contestant Richard Burr for the most star baker wins, which is awarded at the end of each episode to the baker who did the best overall that weekend.  Finalists Alice, Steph, and David all put forth a valiant effort to win the coveted title of best British baker, but in the end it was David who triumphed. Throughout the season the bakers wowed with unique and inspired creations.

One piece of news revealed after the series was aired is a love connection made on the show. Contestants Alice and Henry, two fan-favorites, are now dating. This news has delighted many fans who became attached to both the tie-wearing sweetheart and the adorable geography teacher.

Overall, The Great British Baking Show is a delightful watch and a welcome departure from the more intense and often nonsensical competitions mostly produced in the United States. Fans find comfort not only in the soothing accents and music but also in the camaraderie between the contestants in each season.