Is Dora and the Lost City of Gold worth it?

Julianne Wilson, Staff Writer

This past weekend my childhood came alive as I saw the new movie Dora and the Lost City of Gold. The live action movie was a contrast from my past cartoon days. I went in with low expectations and was not disappointed. I went into the movie thinking the story line would be sub-par, but boy was I wrong! We all remember Dora as a child, but in the movie Dora grows up to be a teenager and her parents send her to a faraway high school. With the help of her cousin Diego, Dora navigates the foreign realm of high school. The pair and a few friends wind up off the beaten path on a school field trip. This wrong move leads to a dangerous adventure. My personal favorite part was when Dora and Diego morph into the cartoon versions of themselves. However this only lasts for a few minutes as they get out of the flowers. The movie’s plot had a quite diverse adventure involved; the young teens were in a rainforest. Although the movie was not a musical, Dora sang quite frequently. She sang a song just about as often as she could. She sang silly songs just as she did on the cartoon. The atmosphere of the movie was well set as they shot it in Australia. The cast was well thought out; however, I thought Dora’s parents were a little too cheesy. Isabela Moner was a fantastic Dora and pulled off Dora’s innocence perfectly. I would recommend this movie to a broad spectrum of all ages. This movie would be great for kids that grew up watching Dora and would love all the inside jokes. Young children would also enjoy this film as it is funny and fast paced. I think the adults in the house would enjoy it as well.