Santa Clarita Diet is horrifyingly funny

Alice Webster, staff writer

Zombies have become a tired horror trope over the years, but Netflix’s new comedy Santa Clarita Diet breathes new life, or new death, into the genre. The show follows the suburban Hammond family as matriarch Sheila, played by the iconic Drew Barrymore, becomes undead. The show may be a bit gory for some, so the question is: is it worth it?

This reviewer’s answer is a wholehearted yes. This show had me laughing out loud in just about every scene. It’s clear that the creative team has great attention to details; the running gags never get old and are often placed in unexpected situations from Joel’s toaster, bookshelf, and platinum status on Yelp to the oddly adorable yet unsettling Mr. Ball Legs.

The show seamlessly blends the average life of a suburban realtor family with the gory dismemberment of Nazis. Yes, Sheila and Joel decide that rather than killing innocents to fuel Sheila’s bloodlust, they will target the Neo Nazi population of southern California. This makes for some hilarious situations and lets the viewer root for Sheila far more comfortably than if she were killing innocents. While Joel and Sheila have to kill to sate Sheila’s hunger, they also have to juggle the cop living next door and their teenage daughter Abby, who desperately wants in on her parents’ new dangerous life. Abby finds joy in disrupting the status quo with her reluctant friend and neighbor Eric. The two make for an excellent comedic duo, and that’s saying something next to the hilarious Joel and Sheila. The recurring cast also brings hilarity to the show in increasingly absurd situations that somehow feel realistic due to the crazy premise of the show.

The show also delves into complicated moral dilemmas about the nature of life, death, and love as Sheila and her family readjust to their new lives without losing its overall humorous tone. This nuance makes the show even more enjoyable. Unfortunately, Santa Clarita Diet has been cancelled by Netflix after the release of its third season; however, with the number of shows that have been “saved” by other networks, it wouldn’t be too surprising if it was picked up elsewhere. Even though it has sadly come to an end, Santa Clarita Diet is undoubtedly worth the watch.