New season of Netflix comedy challenges social norms

Alice Webster, staff writer

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Progressive comedy has become increasingly popular in recent years, and Netflix’s reboot of One Day at a Time is a pioneer of the genre since its debut season in 2017. The reboot takes the premise of the 80s show, the everyday lives of the tight knit Cuban American Alvarez family, and adds valuable insights about modern day America.

At the forefront of season three are teenage lesbian Elena’s love life with her non-binary partner Syd and confident mother Penelope’s trials while raising two teenagers and housing her eccentric mother, such as becoming a nurse practitioner and disciplining her son. The writers and cast tackle issues such as rape culture, discrimination, drug use, and alcoholism with tact. There are also many more light hearted topics explored such as first times and Latinx family relationships. Each combination of characters is ripe for hilarious scenarios, even the most unexpected, such as teenage Elena and sad divorcee Dr. Burkowitz and loveable idiot Schneider and eccentric grandmother Lydia.

Particularly funny is the first episode, which sees guest stars Gloria Estefan and stars of Brooklyn Nine Nine, another pioneer in the genre of progressive comedy, Stephanie Beatriz and Melissa Fumero, as members of the extended Alvarez family. The combination of these tour de forces perfectly compliments the already brilliant cast.

Despite its excellence, Netflix has stated that due to low viewership One Day at a Time may not be renewed for season four. Many people may be turned away by the inclusion of queer and Latinx characters, but these aspects do not make the show unenjoyable for those who share none of those characteristics. These kinds of diverse shows are necessary in order to keep pushing towards a more accepting world. All in all, One Day at a Time is a fantastic sitcom worthy of an all-out binge.

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