Dear Evan Hansen: Touching and heartbreaking

Camri Anderson, Staff Writer

Last weekend, I had the privilege of seeing the hit Broadway musical Dear Evan Hansen. This musical hit the stage in 2015 and has been revolutionary ever since. Even with the crave of Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen stood its ground and has continued to ravish since 2015.

Dear Evan Hansen is about an anxiety filled high school senior named Evan who has trouble making conversation, even with his mom. Evan’s assignment from his therapist was to write letters to himself. The letters consisted of this simple phrase, “Dear Evan Hansen, Today is going to be an amazing day and here’s why…”

Evan hardly wrote any letters, but he started them, until his mother reminded him about a recently added appointment she had made with his therapist. Evan also was supposed to have people sign his cast at school, in order to make conversation with them and to get over some of his social anxiety. Early on, Connor Murphy, the brother of Evan’s crush, pushes him to the floor and Evan lands on his broken arm. Then, his crush, Zoe Murphy comes in and asks if he is all right and Evan couldn’t say anything without stuttering. After the incident, Connor apologizes and signs his cast. The two boys meet again in the computer lab where Connor finds Evan’s letter to his therapist in the printer; Connor thinks the note was about him. The scene ends with Connor taking Evan’s letter that was supposed to go to his therapist and storms off.

The next scene starts with the whole school finding out about Connor committing suicide. Evan now realizes that he was the last person to see Connor and figures out that Connor had Evan Hansen’s note in his pocket when he was found. Now Evan has to decide if he will tell the truth about the letter or lie to his family, school, and the internet about his friendship with Connor.

The plot changes in many different turns throughout the show and viewers understand why Evan does the things he does because of to his social anxiety. Viewers see and empathize with him. Overall, this story is beautifully written and touching. This story is so relevant in today’s society, and it is heartbreaking to watch and see, yet so marvelous. If you have a chance to see Dear Evan Hansen in theatres, I highly recommend seeing this show.