Flying into the New Year with Mary Poppins Returns

Camri Anderson, Staff Writer

During winter break, I finally got to see  Mary Poppins Returns at the Illinois Theatre. I absolutely fell in love with the new twist on the classic tale of Mary Poppins. I also enjoyed the new deals that the Illinois Theatre has to offer under the change on management. I can’t believe I could see a movie, get a drink and popcorn for $8.00! Whatta deal!

The movie started with Lin-Manuel Miranda, otherwise known as Jack, riding on his bike along the streets of London. Jack was singing about seeing his love again. Then viewers see two bankers stapling a notice to the house. Then the maid opens the door and Michael Banks and his three children, Georgie, John, and Anabel are in their house discussing what happened to the shares his father left him and his sister, Jane. Michael’s life has been a mess, and he needs an extra set of hands and eyes to look after the kids. Low and behold, Mary Poppins comes flying in with the same tricks up her sleeve. The kids go on adventures with her, and Michael Banks gets his life back together. All the while, Jack and Mary show the kids what a little magic can do.

Throughout the movie viewers see old faces and new faces. Meryl Streep shows up as Cousin Topsey, Dick Van Dyke comes in to save the day as the head of the bank where Michael works, Angela Lansbury is the balloon lady, different from her first character in the original Mary Poppins. Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda, new to Mary Poppins, compel the audience in their enchanting performances.

Overall, Mary Poppins Returns is a beautiful, timeless tale that people of all ages love. I thoroughly enjoyed the plot twist from the original Mary Poppins. There were many moments in the show where I started to tear up. I also loved the new original songs brought into the movie. Go see Mary Poppins Returns before it leaves the theatres!