The Haunting of Hill House: Netflix’s new horror masterpiece

Alice Webster, staff writer

Families can be tough, but it seems that no family has it worse than the Crains of Netflix’s new hit The Haunting of Hill House. From ghosts to psychics to family trauma, The Haunting of Hill House has it all. If you want a combination of This Is Us and American Horror Story, this is the show for you. If you’re a diehard Stephen King fanatic, don’t worry; he’s given it his seal of approval.

The true stars of Hill House are not terror and horror, but the characters, both living and deceased, and their trauma. Most people can see themselves in at least one of the Crains. Siblings Stephen, a condescending author; Shirley, a calculating mortician; Theo, a cold child psychologist and psychic; Luke, a recovering addict; and Nell, Luke’s troubled twin, are shown dealing with the ghosts of Hill House both while living there as children and years after when they are brought together as a result of tragedy. Each of the actors’ performances is packed with emotion and brings a chilling reality to the supernatural drama. Victoria Pedretti’s heartbreaking performance as Nell Crain is only made more impressive by the fact that Hill House is her first major production. Showrunner Mike Flanagan’s wife, Kate Siegel, whom you might have seen in Flanagan’s hit indie film Hush, also shatters expectations as logical psychic Theo Crain, the long-suffering middle Crain sibling.

The overall quality of The Haunting of Hill House can be attributed to Mike Flanagan, who not only acted as showrunner, but also co-wrote multiple episodes and directed all ten episodes of the hit series. His dedication can be seen throughout the show in small details such as hidden ghosts, moving statues, and color coordination.

In short, The Haunting of Hill House is a true testament to the talent of its actors and its director. The scares are perfectly balanced with the emotional trials. Unless you’re easily frightened, you’re sure to get something out of watching it.