Another Sparks movie worth watching

Claire Van Aken, staff writer

The Longest Ride is a movie directed by George Tillman Jr. released in 2015. The movie was originally a book written by Nicholas Sparks. The story goes along the lines of any Sparks novel, two opposite characters meet by chance and oddly fall in love. The Longest Ride stars Scott Eastwood and Britt Robinson, a bull riding champion and modern art lover. This movie is the ultimate twist to any love story and will get viewers teary-eyed every once in a while.

The story that Sparks tells is not just any ordinary love story, but two love stories in one. Viewers meet Sofia (Robinson), a young art major in college, Luke (Eastwood), a bull-riding champion, and Ira, a old soul who tells his fondest memories of he and his departed wife, Ruth. The two couples are extremely similar and that’s why the movie is so unique. As Luke and Sofia work on their romantic future, they are inspired by Ira’s story after they both rescue him from his car. The best part of the movie is watching Luke and Sofia face and overcome some of the same challenges that Ruth and Ira do in the 1940’s.

Watching this movie, it made me happy to watch the characters succeed, and like every other Sparks story, fall in love. It is totally what you would call a “chick flick,” and a movie to watch when you are at home on a rainy day in your pajamas and drinking some coffee. I would recommend it to anyone I meet. The characters portray such an inspiring story and give art and bull-riding an incredible balance of each other.