The Music Man is coming to town

Ellie Smith, Staff Writer

If you didn’t know, the Wells Fargo Wagon came here to our very own JHS! If you missed it, perhaps you saw the 76 trombones leading the big parade, or dancers dancing the “Shipoopi” through the halls. If you know what these all are, then you saw The Music Man at JHS!

The Music Man is a classic musical that had its first performance in 1957. It’s an endearing story about a band salesman by the name of Harold Hill who cons the local townspeople of River City. River City is located in Iowa, and their simple way of living is swept up in the stories of Harold Hill. “Professor” Hill convinces the entire town that they need instruments and band uniforms to save the purity of their ways. However, some do not buy into Professor Hill’s credibility. One of which, Marian Paroo, tries to resist the charming Harold Hill. But instead, both fall for one another.

As one can imagine with any musical, each interpretation of the same musical is different. J.D. Lindley played the part of Professor Hill in a very charming and outgoing away. His excitement almost had me signing a check for one of his big, brass instruments. Camille Blanford also did a great job conveying the independent, yet smitten Marian Librarian in the show.

However, the main roles would not have been successful without the help of so many others. One of the most entertaining people to watch on stage was Charles Veith as Marcellus. Marcellus is a man who knows Professor Hill’s true intentions. However, he still has fun with the people of River City by singing “Shipoopi.” “Shipoopi” is not just a fun word to say, but it is a dance that everyone participates in. Mayor Shinn, played by Nick Hester, disapproves of the salesman conning his citizens through song and dance. He almost can’t stand it when he sees his own wife dancing the “Shipoopi.” Another impressive dance scene was when the Professor visited Marian at the library. With the dim lighted stage, readers in the library tap danced while Professor Hill sweeps Marian off her feet.

All together, the sounds and voices of The Music Man was a great production and leaves a lot of hope for spring musicals to come. Thank you for all those who participated and attended the production to make it possible!