Why everyone should watch One Tree Hill

Kelly Lu, Staff Writer

One Tree Hill is an American drama written by Mark Schwahn. It first premiered in 2003 on the WB and soon made a hit; it finished airing in 2012, ending with nine consecutive seasons. The show seems like a typical high school series. However, as a viewer continues watching, he or she will notice that it is much more than simply a premature drama; it depicts themes of life, family, and romance that  someone of any age can digest. The story follows half-brothers Lucas and Nathan scott as they rival each other in basketball and exchange friends in the peculiar city of Tree Hill, North Carolina.
This humble description of the show allows viewers to find the greatness of the show by watching it themselves. There are several reasons someone who has not seen One Tree Hill yet, should. Here is a rundown.

  1. It it inspiring.

The characters of this series go through many conflicts in life and often question themselves and the decisions they have made. They also go through struggles with each other and their careers. Lucas Scott, the protagonist, dreams to be a basketball star – as well as his brother Nathan. They have a complicated family background that causes them to be raised apart and very differently, but in high school the brothers realize they have the same dream and the same feelings toward girls they know.  As more characters appear, there are more complications. The cast struggle to be true to their feelings towards others and to fulfill their dreams. In the end, the characters find their way and grow tremendously as people. These conflicts and resolutions are heavily inspiring to viewers. Fans of One Tree Hill finish the series, not only with enjoyment, but with morals about integrity, honesty, and the ability to overcome.

2) The characters

In season 1 and the rest of the seasons, the main characters consist of Lucas Scott, Nathan Scott, Haley James, Peyton Sawyer, Brooke Davis, and Marvin (Mouth) McFadden. Lucas is born from a caring mother and he has the mentality to always do what is right. Often times, he saves the other characters at a risk to himself; this applies to all of them. Lucas and Mouth act as bigger people and begin very differently from the rest of the cast. Everyone else begins snobby and seems like antagonists, but the viewers are able to watch them develop and grow as they interact with one another. As watchers grow attached to these amazing characters, they are able to feel with them. There are many scenes, or episodes, that are considered tearjerkers by the fans, as well as scenes that make viewers want to scream with joy. This is also because the characters are extremely relatable to the audience. They do make mistakes and go through conflicts that people struggle with everyday, which is one of the best things about One Tree Hill. The characters are the movers of the plot–which is why the plot is so interesting–and why Lucas, Nathan, Peyton, Brooke, and Marvin have drawn in so many fans for the show.

3) The music

It is necessary to note the show’s iconic opening “I Don’t Wanna Be” by Gavin DeGraw as well as the other songs of One Tree Hill. Two of the characters, Haley James and Peyton Sawyer, are heavily involved in music as teenagers and in their careers. Haley, who is an extremely talented artist, produces many quality songs such as “Halo” and “Feel This.” Other musical characters are Chris Killer and Mia Catalano, who are popular for “As the Stars Go Blue” and “No Good.” There are several bands and artists that do not stay as characters but do excellent performances during the episodes like Jason Federline and the band Fall Out Boy. These soundtracks help to influence the mood of the emotional scenes making One Tree Hill even more interesting.

4) The romance

There are many romances to live for in this show. Some relationships last, and others do not; however, the characters possess an extraordinary amount of love for each other and survive together through difficult situations. In One Tree Hill, it is just as easy to fall in love with the characters as it is to fall in love with the characters’ love for each other in both terms of friendship and romance. There are many scenes that cause the viewers’ hearts to pound as they become attached to the relationships in the show–all of the kisses, all of the comforting, and all of the kindness and care revealed by each character.

5) The drama

As well as having pleasantly peaceful scenes, One Tree Hill also has many suspenseful moments, like when the characters find the truth of a lie or when someone may die. It is easy to be pulled in by the plot events, and watchers often find themselves watching episode after episode needing to see what happens next. A popular episode is season 3 episode 16, where many lives are risked and the rest of the season revolves around the events that happen in this Episode 16 is an extremely intense turning point and one does not simply watch a single episode of One Tree Hill without watching another to find out results of a conflict.

There are several reasons why this nine-season series is such a hit among teenagers and young adults. People enjoy the inspiration, the characters,  the music, the romance, and the drama depicted. One Tree Hill  is loved for being relatable, motivating and having an extremely talented cast. However, one cannot fully understand this without watching the show.