Dancing for the mirrorball

Sarah Miner, Staff Writer

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Two weeks ago, Dancing with the Stars announced their season 25 winners. The winners of the show were Jordan Fisher and his partner, Lindsay Arnold. This was the first win for both. Arnold has placed fourth, third, second, and now first in the competition season after season. Although Fisher and Arnold won, there was controversy on whether or not Fisher should be allowed to compete because of his past dance experience. Dancing with the Stars is known as a show where a non-dancing celebrity is paired with a professional dancer to compete with other celebrities in ballroom dancing. Over the past few seasons, there have been celebrities with dancing experience in different styles other than ballroom. Some of the audience believes they should not let celebrities on the show with any background because it is unfair to the completely untrained celebrities. My personal opinion is that they have the same amount of background in ballroom as the untrained celebrities and that they should not be punished because they took dance lessons.

The winner, Jordan Fisher, is one of the best celebrity dancers the show has ever seen. He made history as the male with the most perfect scores in the entire show. He had seven perfect scores and became the youngest male winner at the age of 23. The runner up, Lindsey Stirling, was also very successful throughout season 25. Stirling was partnered with Mark Ballas, the professional known for his extremely creative dances. Stirling’s average score for the season was a 27.1 out of 30. Both Fisher and Stirling are extremely talented and were neck and neck through the season.

Now that season 25 is over, the professional dancers are going around the US on a tour to perform for fans. Joining them on the tour is Jordan Fisher and third place winner Frankie Muniz. There are tickets available now to watch them in different cities. Season 26 will be on ABC in the spring with a new round of celebrities who are all athletes.

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