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The Emoji Movie: Thumbs up or thumbs down

Cheyanne Morris, Staff Writer

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What if your phone had its own little world in it where your phone’s inner workings are their own people and have their own emotions, lives and families?  The Emoji Movie gives a perspective on this idea. It’s definitely a fun movie to watch with your family in your free time.  It connects to the newer generations through what they are obsessed with the most, and what is that you ask? The answer is simple, technology. Teenagers and even most adults can’t go through the day without using multiple forms of technology to do everything from reading to looking up basic facts, recipes and looking at the news and weather for the day.  People cannot survive without their phones which are always glued to their sides no matter where they go.

Looking into the messages from the movie, viewers get typical positive messages including fighting for what you believe in, diversity and expressing yourself. The main character is thrown into chaos because he’s “different” and through fun adventures he comes to love himself as he is. This movie is not just for the younger audience but also the older that love animated movies. There’s romance, action and comedy throughout the whole movie. There’s never a dull moment.

The movie did not have a lot of money thrown into the production. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad movie or any worse than others.  The movie’s purpose is to entertain children and it accomplishes that with its vivid colors, flashy scenes and goofy humor.

This movie is definitely worth the watch when you have nothing else to do on a Sunday morning or Saturday night. Sit down with your family and kids and enjoy the movie that will win your heart over with its rowdy and goofy characters, popping music, nice artwork and alluring storyline.

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The Emoji Movie: Thumbs up or thumbs down