Analyzing Annabelle: Creation

Samson Mosley, Staff Writer

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Annabelle: Creation is a smooth flowing continuation to the first movie. The best aspect of this movie is its ability to make the storyline incredibly easy to follow. The main actresses Lulu Wilson and Talitha Bateman play the roles of endangered children very convincingly and make viewres more invested in the movie. Both the writer Gary Dauberman and director David F. Sandberg do a good job of showcasing this movie’s strengths and an even better job at having those strengths overshadow its weaknesses. Even throughout the process of watching the movie, what may seem like plot holes at first are subsequently filled in later. This is a refreshing characteristic for a horror movie to contain, and it makes the experience much more enjoyable.

In comparison to the first Annabelle, this prequel is definitely much more of an attention holder. The first movie’s pace is what really weakens it as a whole because even though it starts intensely, it gradually decreases with some suspenseful moments here and there up until the ending. However the pace of the prequel flows consistently and explains more about the dreaded Annabelle doll at the same time. Also the scenes are very well portrayed by the cast, even more so than the scenes in the first one.

The major strength from this movie is its suspense. That may seem like a given in horror movies, but this movie takes suspense to the next level. This is due to the fact that viewers never really know if it’s the Annabelle doll attacking or if it’s one of the many evil spirits attached to it. Both teenagers and adults view this movie the same, an intensely terrifying thriller.

The Annabelle prequel is an overall great movie. It has a great suspense factor, and the anticipation to see what happens next is one of its best qualities. Everyone in the movie contributes to the product, and that really shows within the movie. With all of these amazing aspects, this movie makes for an intriguing horror film.

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