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Moana: A splash into a new world

Mary Rose Prewitt, Staff Writer

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 The hit new Disney movie Moana rolled out on the big screen on November 23, 2016 and was released on DVD and Blu-Ray March 7, 2017.  Moana was a huge hit with kids around the country with the high-quality Disney animation and amazing music. The movie brought in a gross total amount of  $246,885,618 as of March 3. 2017.

The film takes place in ancient Polynesia, when after populating a main island, the historically nomadic tribe settles down and forgets their ways as a tribe until the tribe chief’s daughter has an adventurous streak. Unlike her father before her, Moana has the urge to follow her ancestors and explore the ocean. On her quest for the demigod Maui, she finds that her quest isn’t so easy and faces many challenges along the way.

Critics enjoyed this movie with IMDB rating Moana 7.7 stars out of ten, which is a great score for a kids’ movie. Rotten Tomatoes certifies the movies as “fresh,” earning a 95%,  and 90% of people who watched Moana liked it. As far as professional criticisms, the movie was well received by the public.

As a viewer, I loved Moana. As a whole, it was an amazing film. Disney did their very best work, as expected. I was very excited to finally watch the film after seeing all the previews about it. The storyline was one that surprised me a little. Moana didn’t have a love interest; there was no romance in the movie at all, which is refreshing from the normal Disney love tropes. Moana is all  about a girl who needs to find who she really is while also uncovering the lost past of her people. The movie features a strong girl who wants to save her people and a demigod who is in search of a lost item of his; they work together to restore order. The animation was beautifully smooth and natural, and all the details were meticulously done by Disney. Moana was an amazing  film overall, and I hope that Disney keeps on this track of great films.  

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Moana: A splash into a new world