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The power of music education

Mary Rose Prewitt, Staff Writer

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Music education has been a tradition in Jacksonville for over a hundred years now since the centennial anniversary in 2011. It continues on with the support of the staff and administration throughout the district.

In many other places, music education is making a comeback as people are starting to see the importance of the arts in schools. Grants are being given and doors are being opened for young musicians around the country.  Even throughout the world, in England the government gave three hundred million British pounds to music education hubs around the country. In Canada, one hundred thousand Canadian dollars will be given to Prince Edward Island’s music programs around the province.

For the Jacksonville area, the music education program has been successful for the last century and counting. Only recently the fifth grade band program was cut, resulting in only a sixth grade program in the elementary schools. With support from the local music booster JAM (Jacksonville Association for Music), the district music program has continued to function relatively comfortably for the last couple of years. The director of the band and orchestra has put in several requests to assist with the function of the marching band like a new trailer, and hopefully in the near future, new uniforms to replace the nearly thirty-five year old uniforms.

Music education is starting to come to light as an important aspect of a child’s education, even in the early stages of life. Music can change the lives of children; they can become something greater that they ever thought they could. It builds confidence and creates

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The power of music education