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Kane Brown’s album and tour

Avery Dugan, Staff Writer

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Kane Brown has been known to be one of the best country singers in today’s time. As his new album, self-titled Kane Brown, is getting ready to release on December 2, his fans are excited and think this could be one of his best albums. This album has eleven songs, three of which are covers of songs that have already been done by another artist. “Heartbreak” is one of the cover songs he sings. Some of his other cover songs are “Learning,” “Thunder in the Rain,” and “Ain’t No Stopping Us Now.” Kane is very excited about his new album saying this is one of his favorite albums he has been working on. He also thinks his fans and the music industry will really enjoy this album with mixtures of cover songs and some songs that he has written. Some music experts say that this could be one of the best country music albums to come out in 2016.

Kane Brown is on tour right now. The tour is called Ain’t No Stopping Us Now Tour. He has traveled all over the nation picking up huge crowds everywhere he has gone. His next four concerts are in the Northeast part of the United States. He plays on December 1, 2, 3, and 4; the concert on December 1 is his only VIP concert he has on this tour.

As Kane Brown is on tour and dropping his new album, one would think he is pretty busy, but he still has time to post some of his pictures on his Instagram and live like any other person his age would live. He just has a bigger, more time consuming job than most people his age.

Fans will be able to catch his new album coming out on December 2, 2016, on iTunes, and if you want to catch him for a concert on his tour, you will have to get tickets quickly as his tour only has a couple more dates on it.

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Kane Brown’s album and tour