Best movie of the summer: Suicide Squad

Abby Scribner, Staff writer

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Suicide Squad is an action movie filled with darkness and a mix a comedy. Suicide Squad came into theaters on August 5. The movie was well directed by David Ayer. Suicide Squad kept viewers on their toes with the action and fighting in the movie. The actors worked really well together and made the characters come to life. The anger and love between some characters made it all seem very real. Jared Leto really portrayed the character Joker amazingly, but the character could have been included into the movie more than he was. The actors who player Joker and Harley Quinn really seemed to capture the love story behind the characters. Margot Robbie also really focused on bringing Harley Quinn to life, making the character rebellious, funny, and sympathetic. Margot Robbie really nailed that. Overall, I think the characters were well played by all the actors. The actors seemed to make the movie real, making viewers feel bad for some of the characters in parts of the movie. The special effects were very good and seemed very real. Those really topped the movie off. The songs chosen for the movie were really well selected about the movie and flowed into the scenes perfectly.

Madison Reynolds said about the movie, “They could have gone more into depth with the plot and given more background to some of the characters. Since they promoted Harley and Joker quite a lot, they could have involved the Joker a lot more.” I agree because the Joker wasn’t involved as much as I feel he should have been.

This movie was a big hit and amazing. Suicide Squad was very well directed and well played. Overall, with all the action, comedy, and suspense, Suicide Squad was one of the best movies this summer. I  would recommend it.

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