A treasured but neglected movie

Sky Moberly, Staff Writer

A man suffering an incredible amount of loss enrolls himself in a care-giving class that changes his perspective on life.

The Fundamentals of Caring will take viewers on an emotional ride.  It’s a mix of a large amount of sharp humor and a once-in-a lifetime opportunity. Trevor, who suffers from muscular dystrophy, a disorder that severely impairs his physical abilities but leaves his mind sharp, gets to leave his house for the first time other than a park. Paul Rudd the failed writer who suffers from a traumatic loss decides to enroll himself in a care-giving class which leads to his meeting with Trevor. Paul has gotten really close with Trevor, feeling more like a best friend then as a caregiver. They both share the sharp humor and help each other out. For example, Paul encourages Trevor to talk to a girl he found attractive who later ends up tagging along with her own story as a “runaway.” At the end of the movie, Paul’s view of life changed drastically after he learned about Trevor by spending time with him.

Rob Burnett, the director, has taken his time to make viewers of this movie feel like they are on this adventure of humor, puppy love, heartbreak, and last but not least, satisfaction. Overall I think this movie is an amazing one because it teaches a lot, especially for people who have the rare disorder that Trevor had. It also teaches that no matter what should or could happen, do not give up. Thank you to Rob Burnett for taking time on this movie to make viewers feel the expected emotional cues the actors and actress felt.