If this doesn’t win him an Oscar

Kayla Flowers, staff writer

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Inspired by true events, Leonardo DiCaprio plays Hugh Glass, a flinty mountain man on the search for a place to call home, along with several other men in the movie The Revenant (directed by Alejandro G. Iñárritu).  After the attack by Native Americans on their campsite, the few remaining men (including Glass and his son) flee the area in search of somewhere safe.  During this expedition, Glass is brutally attacked by a bear and is eventually left for dead by his own confidant, John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy).  Out of sheer will, determination, and revenge for his family, Glass overcomes seemingly impossible obstacles on his quest for vengeance.  During his journey, however, Glass soon discovers he’s not the only one doing the chasing.  He’s on a constant run himself.  Throughout his trek, will Glass manage to win the fight for survival and get the vengeance he’s been seeking the entire time?  Or will Mother Nature and the Native Americans win this battle and get the best of him?

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