Trio: Changing social media one step at a time

Hannah Preston, Staff Writer

How does social media grow to the catastrophic scale of Instagram, Twitter, or even the quick and impacting fad of Vine? That is the question that the founder and CEO of Meograph, Misha Leybovich, is trying to answer.  But cracking the social-sphere is far from easy, especially when the projected audience is fast-paced and ever-changing teenagers.

Easily intrigued and simple-minded, one may think that creating an app for young people would be a small task, but years upon years of trial and error prove that this is anything but simple.  Finding the right ratio of entertainment and function can be tricky to accomplish, especially since new technology is being developed and made accessible to these kids every day.

Released to the public for the first time on March 4, Meograph’s new app, called Trio, makes it easier than ever to join together everything you like with whomever you like.  Video mixing, the process of downloading and using multiple apps to accomplish a simple edit, was previously so much more difficult than it is now.  Designed to combine the basic formats of photos, gifs, videos, and music, users can create just about anything with the vast access to outside sources of media.  From stringing together a bunch of photos from your latest excursion to making a tribute to your best friend on her birthday, the resources made available are straight-forward and functional for even the most technologically-challenged individuals.

The selfie can only have so many variations.  Only so much originality can go into the 140 characters of a Tweet.  Facebook statuses are a thing of the past when your resident cat lady posts 50 pictures of her pets every day.  Trio provides the opportunity for users to go beyond the norm and contribute to what could become the Next Big Thing.

It may seem like nothing could ever replace the classic, more experienced social media platforms, but much like the decrease in popularity of Myspace and Facebook, it’s only a matter of time before new and improved media like Trio catches up with its bigger and fancier competitors.

Trio has potential and from potential comes greatness.