Vampire transformation

Lacey Spaenhower, Staff Writer

Avoidance of the sun, dislike of holy water and crucifixes, and not to mention immortality- all these things put me in the mind of vampires, the undead creatures of the night that stalk victims after the sun goes down – or so tradition says.

Everyone knows the traditional traits of a vampire: they can’t go out in daylight, they stay away from holy water and they can’t touch a crucifix. Drinking blood, avoiding normal food, and trying to stay out of the public eye are huge characteristics of traditional vampires as well.

Today, vampires have become huge figures in our media.  Authors have transformed the traditional vampire idea and made it into something that every adolescent girl dreams about.

The vampire craze has been fueled by television shows like the Vampire Diaries and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and by movies like the Twilight Saga and the Underworld series.  They all show the vampire as more than just an undead, soulless creature. Vampires are shown as modern heroes saving people instead of hurting them.

Vampires are now seen as enticing people who have had a hard and troubled life and who want to find a human love connection.  All they want is to be understood and loved for who they are and not be alone anymore.

Girls have dreamed about Edward Cullen coming in and sweeping them off their feet or about meeting the Salvatore brothers in person. Vampires have become the ideal boyfriend fantasy (imagine a guy who is super strong and incredibly fast).

Modern vampires are very different than the traditional vampires. They have become our modern heroes and icons.

Although they have changed a lot, there are some things that modern vampires have stuck to like not being able to go out in sunlight.  Another tradition is having to live off the blood of others whether that blood is animal or human.

Whether you like modern or traditional vampires, there is one thing that they both have in common and that is:  Only a vampire can love you forever.