Change is in the air

Lacey Spaenhower, Staff Writer

Change has come to Mystic Falls, Virginia. The Vampire Diaries have finally come out with the season four premiere.

The story deals with two vampire brothers who are obsessed with the same girl. Their names are Stefan and Damon Salvatore.  They all live in the town of Mystic Falls, Virginia, where many supernatural beings live amongst the humans. Both brothers returned home, each for very different reasons. Stefan came to get to know Elena Gilbert, the girl who bears a striking resembles to Katherine Pierce, a vampire that both brothers knew back in 1864. Damon came to Mystic Falls to release Katherine from the tomb where she was imprisoned in 1864. She was the vampire that turned both of them.

As the story continues, Elena must face the fact that she is related to Katherine and because she is her doppelgänger, she is of great use to the “Originals” especially Klaus. He and his fellow “Originals” have come to town and are looking to break the “Sun and Moon” curse in which Elena’s death is the key. However, that doesn’t prove fatal for Elena. Her Aunt Jenna ends up dying as a result and that causes Alaric, Jenna’s boyfriend to become Elena and Jeremy’s friend and guardian.

Some light is soon shed on the “Originals” family and their connection to Mystic Falls. Also Stefan becomes the “Ripper” due to the original Klaus and Elena and Damon try everything they can to help him.  All the while she starts to feel a growing attraction to Damon and vice versa. A new threat has come to town and her name is Esther, she turns Alaric into the ultimate vampire hunter whose only goal is to rid the world of vampires forever. Insuring his survival she ties his life to Elena’s making it impossible to kill him while she is alive.

In an effort to protect Elena, Matt tries to leave town with her but they are stopped by Rebekah and she causes Matt’s truck to go over the bridge into the river. Stefan shows up but he is only able to save Matt, Elena drowned. Everyone soon finds out though that  thanks to Dr. Meredith Fell’ s efforts Elena died with vampire blood in her system.

It leaves off just as Elena wakes up in the morgue alive.

Stefan took Elena home and she wakes up to find that she is going through the transition of becoming a vampire. Stefan tells her that they will exhaust every possible answer with Bonnie’s help before she has to feed in order to complete the transition.  Damon who isn’t convinced that they can find an answer is furious with his brother for saving Matt instead of Elena; Stefan tells his brother that he will regret the decision for the rest of his life.

Bonnie on the other hand has her own problems dealing with Klaus in Tyler’s body, and the fact that with each spell she does it causes her to fall deeper and deeper into the darkness of black magic. Adding to the frustration a new person has come to town and his name is Pastor Young and he has come to rid Mystic Falls of vampires forever. He arrests Sheriff Forbes and Mayor Lockwood, they capture Caroline and Rebekah that in turn causes Klaus to come to Caroline aid and he leaves his sister to die.

Pastor Young makes another stop and captures Stefan and Elena. Damon and Matt come to rescue but Damon almost kills him in the process, right when they arrive though Stefan and Rebekah work together to get human blood for Elena and she feeds with not a moment to spare. She then stops Damon from killing Matt using her new vampire strength. During this entire time Elena has remembered everything that Damon made her forget like that they were they first to meet and that he loves her and wants her to be with Stefan because he knows that Stefan is the better choice.

Bonnie is forced to use the black arts once again in order switch Klaus and Tyler but because of it the witch spirits are taking their wrath out on her Grams. Elena and Stefan are sitting on top of the Salvatore Mansion and Stefan gives her the daylight ring that Bonnie made her and she tells him that she can handle this and that together they will get through this no matter what.

The show ends with Pastor Young blowing up the house he’s in with his followers inside and explosion that he made happen. Continue watching this season to see what happens to Elena and her new vampirism, and to see just what happens to the people of Mystic Falls.